Your culture and well-being platform to connect with your colleagues from anywhere.

Your Community

Connect colleagues from across the organisation by tackling social isolation and improve inclusivity.

Your Mental Health

Connect employees to tailored resources and makes it easier to access wellbeing support.

Your Development

Foster mentoring relationships and facilitate smooth onboarding and personal development.

Your Insights

Understand your employees behavioural insights to make informed decisions.

Tahora Pricing

We operate a fair pricing policy whereby we only charge for your employees who use the Tahora solution, no more extensive licenses!

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Community building for small teams and groups.

    • Mobile app with no user limits
    • Your Community full access

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- £3

Full Tahora package with mobile app, management dashboard and marketing.

    • Management and insights hub
    • Community, Mental Health, Development and Insight

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Enterprise scalability, security and support for large organisations

    • Complete Tahora access
    • Custom enterprise integration, policies and SSO

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Tahora Managed Service Add-on


Get time back in your day whilst also enabling the success of Tahora. Invite the Tahora Culture Champions to lead on the product roll-out and ongoing management on your behalf.

  • Hands-on internal marketing delivery
  • Bespoke events, communities and challenges programme run by Tahora
  • Enhanced data analytics and consultancy
  • Increased employee benefits from a range of partners
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