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The workplace community and wellbeing platform

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Innovation for the modern workforce

Build Community

Connect employees into local interest-based communities to improve wellbeing and belonging

Engage Hybrid Workers

Spark employee interactions and reimagine the social calendar, no matter where they are

Unite Employee Support

Bring together personalised wellbeing resources and support into a seamless experience


The Tahora Mission

Our mission is to create workplaces where employees belong and feel engaged

Our vision is to transform the workplace social experience and productivity through improved community and wellbeing

Our customers describe us as their virtual HQ, recreating the office water cooler


Find Your Community

Develop workplace social connections by binging together like-minded employees into interest-based communities and facilitate mentoring opportunities

Events & Challenges

Encourage in-person and virtual social activities and challenges through Tahora, led by the employees, company and partners

Understand and Engage Employees

Engage employees, whether in the office or working remotely and anonymously understand their behaviours, interests and needs

Virtual HQ

Revolutionise your corporate intranet and bring together your wellbeing offerings to create a seamless experience for employees

Expert Led Learning

Access personalised resources from leading specialists to improve your understanding and awareness of mental and physical wellbeing

Unified Support

Empower employees with the right resources to support their mental wellbeing and seamlessly connect to your EAP

"Preventive interventions will be essential as the world comes out of our current ‘slow motion’ economy. I applaud the team for the great solution for companies and leaders to tackle the issue of isolation head on."

Dr Helmut Schuster,


"Tahora’s proactive approach to building communities that tackle social isolation and supports mental wellbeing is a fantastic concept that is going to revolutionise workplace productivity and culture."

Jeff Archambault,

VP Disney

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Employees who feel included and connected have massive bottom-line benefits


    increase in job performance


    drop in turnover risk


    reduction in sick days


    growth in the employer promoter score

* Harvard Business Review


A partnership with Tahora will...

    Connect employees working remotely

    Tackle and prevent loneliness and isolation

    Support business transformation into the new normal

    Increase staff productivity and engagement

    Improve employee wellbeing

    Offer care for your workforce when they need support

    Prevent the cost of poor employee wellbeing

    Reduce sick pay, presenteeism and staff turnover


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Our mission is to create workplaces where employees belong and feel engaged.

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